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Where Do Guys Like To Finish

by Kristin Beck
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Where Do Guys Like To Finish

“The greatest place for men is in a woman’s vagina, but not necessarily because of the feeling of ejaculation. A man can be equally fulfilled by merely looking at his own erect penis and imagining himself having sex with another person. The reason why most guys like to finish is quite simple. It’s the next best thing to actually doing so in real life. And there are many ways that this can take place.
Men enjoy watching porn movies more than anything else. Why? Because they’re able to identify themselves within those scenes. They know exactly what each character feels, thinks, and even how he looks. This way they get to experience something similar through pornography without ever getting up from their seats. In addition, the majority of these films feature only one guy who enjoys penetrating two girls simultaneously, while other scenarios may include him penetrating as much as ten different females. Of course, guys don’t want to finish in front of the screen. They prefer being watched as well.
Another method which allows them to achieve this goal involves dressing up. Many adult stores sell costumes and lingerie designed specifically for males to wear during public sexual encounters. These outfits allow men to penetrate multiple women at once. What makes these costumes and lingerie special is that they look very realistic and authentic. For example, a guy could dress up as a police officer, doctor, priest, or nurse. He can also choose to transform into a female cop, firefighter, nurse or lawyer. By wearing such clothes, he will be able to simulate intercourse with numerous people at once.
A third option would involve visiting a strip club. Strip clubs offer a wide range of services and activities aimed at providing customers with entertainment and satisfaction. Some of these establishments specialize in dancing. Others provide lap dances, pole-dancing shows, stripper topless performances, and threesomes. After choosing a girl to perform for and paying her fee, the customer then gets to touch her body and watch her dance around naked. Afterward, he can purchase her services for additional fees.
Although this type of venue does typically attract men aged between 18 and 25 years old, there are some strip clubs that cater to older adults. One such establishment located near my home offers its patrons access to strippers over 40 years old. This particular club has been open for about six months now. I went there to check out the service myself and was pleased with what I saw.
After selecting a young dancer for herself, I ordered her to give me a lap dance. She obliged and began caressing my legs and stomach with her hands and feet. When she did this, I felt very aroused and started stroking her hips. At first, she didn’t seem too comfortable with my actions, but after several minutes of this activity, she gave in and allowed me to fondle her breasts. Then, she asked if I wanted to see her “”special”” move. As soon as she said this, I grabbed her waist and pulled her toward me until our bodies were touching. After we switched places again, I took hold of her hand and placed it on my crotch. While still stroking my pubic hair, I told her that I needed to go down on her right nipple. Once again, she let me do whatever I wanted with her body. Next, I asked her to stick her tongue out, grab my penis, and lick it. This time, she complied and performed the task. After enjoying this for a few moments, I got up off of the couch and headed towards the bathroom. Unfortunately, the dancer left shortly afterward. However, I’m sure that I’ll be going back to this club before long.
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