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Where Does Fiji Water Come From

by Lyndon Langley
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Where Does Fiji Water Come From

Where Does Fiji Water Come From

Fiji Water is a popular drink around the world and it’s true that an aquifer in Fiji provides much of its water. The bottle you see on store shelves today comes all through transportation from our nearest neighbor country, which was once called “the omitted islands” because they were too far away to colonize successfully by European powers during their colonial era
The information here doesn’t sound very interesting or engaging so I’ll try again: Well…as most people know now even though there are still some misunderstanding about where this stores come their drinks (they don

Is Fiji Water From Fiji

As one of the world’s finest bottled waters, Fiji Water is not surprising that it has become a popular brand in America. The water comes from an artesian well on Viti Levu-the largest island for this country located across Melanesia Pacific Ocean (Fiji).

Labels such as “Earth’s Finest,” or “World’s Best Selection,” are often slapped onto products by companies with little knowledge about what these terms truly mean outside their own borders; luckily we live globalization so those words can be meaningfully applied to pretty much anything nowadays!

Why Is Fiji Water So Expensive

Nowadays we all need to drink some kind of water, whether it be bottled or tap. The problem with most municipal waters is that they’re heavily processed and can contain high levels in chemicals like chlorine which is unhealthy for your body if you consume them on a regular basis- especially when trying not only Quench Your Thirst but also maintain good health overall! That’s why I was excited about discovering this amazing brand: “Fiji”. Their originate comes from an artesian aquifer (a natural filter) located under the ground.

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