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Which Best Describes How DNA Fits Inside A Cell Nucleus

by Lyndon Langley
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Which Best Describes How DNA Fits Inside A Cell Nucleus

Which Cells Contain Only One Sex Chromosome

The gametes, or sex cells are unique in that they only have one set of chromosomes. This means for every cell division there is a reduction by half it’s genetic information with meiosis and are production of new haploid organisms through a process called fertilization.

The reason why this occurs has to do with the need for sexual reproduction which can provide an ecological advantage because diversity leads survival rates.

Which Has The Most Control Of Traits And Inheritance

Our genes are responsible for determining the traits that we have. Over 25,000 and up to 35 thousand individual units of information called “genes” sit inside each cell in your body waiting their turn at being activated by something like stress or hunger so they can do what these little robots were made to do: pass on traits from parent(s) onto future generations!

Which Is The Term For The Different Forms Of A Gene For A Given Trait?

Genes come in different varieties, called alleles. One copy of each gene comes from your mother and another from father; somatic cells contain two forms for every alternate form known as a novel mutation or variant that can be found on the planet Earth!

Which Type Of Mutation Occurs Only In Reproductive Cells?

Germ-line mutations occur in reproductive cells, and these can be passed on to an organism’s offspring during sexual reproduction. Somatic (or nonreproductive) cell mutation happens when DNA becomes damaged due the process of mitosis which affects only daughter cells – they don’t pass on their altered selves through bodily functions like bloodlines do because there isn’t enough room for that kind if thing!

Why Do Mutations In Genes Affect Traits

DNA is like a recipe for making proteins. Sometimes, gene variants prevent one or more of these ingredients from being made properly which can lead to malfunctions in the final product!

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