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Why Are Insulin Prices Going Up

by Lyndon Langley
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Why Are Insulin Prices Going Up

Why Are Insulin Prices Going Up

The pharmaceutical pricing system is just rigged, and it’s also unfair. In fact many patients have been paying more for their diabetes medications over time while they stand by helplessly watching costs increase each year in what appears to be an endless cycle of rising prices without end or hope at any point soon enough where things may actually start getting better from here on out thanks largely due too Wyden et al.’s efforts who recently exposed the truth behind this all-too familiar problem that affects us everyday.

Cost Of Insulin By Country

For those in the United States, a typical prescription of insulin costs $13.47 while it can be as low at Chile with prices ranging up to over 6 dollars per injection which would make this one expensive country! For other countries around the world different types and amounts are used so finding out where you could find an affordable price will depend on what your needs might be for medication or medical supplies such as bandages etcetera but expect higher expenses when living through developing nations since these areas don’t always have access like ours do here.

How Much Does Insulin Cost In Canada

Canadians pay an estimated $35+ per vial of insulin. As there is no coverage for syringes and alcohol swabs in Canada, which are the main way people with diabetes administer their own injections legally obtained drugs; this means that each time someone goes to test themselves at home or needs help from a medical professional during testing – it could cost as much 50 cents!

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