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Why Are My Gums Two Different Colors

by Lyndon Langley
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Why Are My Gums Two Different Colors

Why Are My Gums Two Different Colors

Gum color varies from person to person. Black gums and other changes in gum color can be caused by medical conditions like diabetes or medication, smoking habits such as cigarettes with filters that are not able accommodate all of the smoke inside so some gets stuck on your teeth; it could also happen if you eat certain foods like red wine which may stain them brown over time due its tannins content (gum stains). The tough tissues around one’s own set of incisors-canines called “gingiva” includes fibroblasts filled with collagen fibers bundles together under pressure between two layers – epithelial tissue containing sweat glands etc., serve an important role because they provide protection.

Why Are My Lips Turning Black And I Don’t Smoke

Lip hyperpigmentation is typically harmless, but it can be caused by an excess of melanin. The most common sources are excessive exposure to the sun or some other highly-exposed activity like working outside for long periods in high temperatures with little water available. The result? Skin that gets darker than usual due its own natural pigment (melanin).

Why Are My Teeth Turning Black

Often times, people neglect to properly maintain their oral hygiene routine. This leads acid-excreting bacteria in the mouth that are not removed each day will slowly eat away at your teeth and cause tooth decay as well! Tooth discoloration often occurs when there has been extensive damage done by this type of sterilizing fluid; however it can also look black due just from having a high content level with regards on phosphorus compounds which give off light shades within gray spectrum seen above left photo depicting what appears likes coloration patterns against.

Why Does A Tooth Turn Black

As the tooth gets eaten away, so does its ability to produce healthy dentalcules. Tooth decay naturally looks black and can give a person’s teeth their familiar appearance of being cracked or chipped from lack-of care over time; however this is not always an indicator that you’ll end up with a cavity in your smile! 2% Chance will have no missing wisdom teeth–a common misconception about entering adulthood. 7 million Americans suffer form dry mouth – which causes irritability when drinking out of soft drink straws.

Why Does A Tooth Turn Grey

A tooth turning grey following an injury is a sign that the tooth isn’t receiving adequate blood flow. Similar to your knee after falling, this can lead to discoloration and signs of wear on its surface over time.

Why Is There Black Stuff On My Teeth

The leading cause of tartar buildup is poor oral hygiene. If you don’t brush or floss correctly, your teeth can become black in less than six months! Some other factors that contribute include: smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee and tea with sugar (or honey), eating hard foods like candy bars which grind up against our tooth enamel resulting in an increased risk posed on gingivitis.

Why Is There White Stuff On My Gums

If you notice white spots on your gums, this can be a sign of many different things. Some examples include tooth decay or oral lichen planus–but the most common cause are canker sores which often heal themselves without treatment!

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