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Why Are My Teeth Clear

by Lyndon Langley
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Why Are My Teeth Clear

Why Are My Teeth Clear

A coat of enamel protects your teeth from the wear and tear that comes with age. However, as we age it becomes more difficult for our body to produce this vital protective coating on top of its natural strength-so what does one do if they want their smile preserved? Luckily there’s help! Our dentists can apply a special resin filled paste which has been proven time after again by people just like you who’ve come in searching for answers about how best preserve their pearly whites – don’t let yourself go without asking us today or tomorrow; call now before these treatments sell out completely!

Why Are My Teeth See Through

People with enamel hypoplasia have a weak, thin or chalky toothpaste that gives their teeth an appearance of being translucent. The little amount they are born with wears away quickly leading to this condition affecting both baby and adult teethes alike.

Why Are My Teeth So Small

Grinding or clenching your teeth at night can lead to short and rearranged teeth, making macrodontia more common with age. If this is happening for you then there are several treatment options available such as wearing retainers during sleep which help stop the inappropriate nighttime jaw muscle activity from causing further damage; receiving dental care so that any necessary repairs on tooth enamel aren’t left undone because they’re too difficult without specialist knowledge – just ask!

Why Can I See Through My Teeth

As you chew, your teeth grind against each other and eventually wear down the enamel on their surface. The part of our mouth that is hardest to keep clean – dentin- can be seen when this happens because it shows through in places where there are no longer any layers protecting it from being exposed by decay or trauma.

Why Do My Teeth Feel Chalky

So, you’re experiencing some chapped lips? It could be the result of enamel drastically lacking mineral content. Left unchecked this can lead to cracking and even white spots on your teeth! With extreme cases like these they may become sensitive when eating or drinking cold things- but don’t worry we’ve got something that’ll help with both problems at once here in our store; try out one (1) treatment today & see how good it feels after words.

Why Do My Teeth Look Transparent

Acidic foods and drinks cause enamel erosion, which can lead to transparent teeth. The more acidic the food/beverage is; this means that there’s a higher risk of developing dental problems such as decay on your pearly whites!

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