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Why Are Older Men Attracted To Me

by Kristin Beck
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Why Are Older Men Attracted To Me

Why Are Older Men Attracted To Me

“Many older people like to date people in their 20’s because well men and women in their 20s looks really good. Most of the time, we think that it is better for us to have a partner when we are young than having one when we are old. It could be true but there are many other reasons why older men would want to go out with younger woman.
Some older men like younger women because they are chronophilic and they don’t date anyone who isn’t in her 20′ s. They are bad news. Some older men like younger women because she has more energy and vitality then them. That way they feel young again and they also get to enjoy life. Others just find her very attractive and exciting. There are also those who are attracted to her playful nature, intelligence, her willingness to experiment sexually and her ability to communicate without words and with body language. If you want to attract an older man, you should have all these qualities.
Older men like dating younger women because they are not used to being with someone so much older or mature. They need this kind of relationship from time to time to feel alive and important. Younger women may remind him of his youth or he feels safe with them because they are still discovering themselves. He wants to share experiences with her and learn things together. This type of relationship may last for years if both parties involved are committed enough.
The best thing about attracting an older man is that you will always be young inside. You will never become too old for your lover. In fact, if you are lucky, he may even grow old with you.
If you are looking for a long-term relationship with an older man, you must accept the fact that he will probably marry another beautiful girl before you. As a matter of fact, he already did it once. So, try to keep yourself interesting and fun while you are with him. Don’t waste your precious time on boring conversations or repetitive sex. Make sure that he knows how special he is and make him happy by doing something new every day.
As a matter of fact, I was talking to my friend recently. She said that she met a nice guy at work several months ago. He was 45, divorced and had two kids. At first, she thought he was cute and sexy. But now after few weeks, she realized that he wasn’t the right person for her. Why? Because he didn’t treat her as a princess. He wanted sex whenever he felt like it and he doesn’t care about anything else. He made her feel insecure and unwanted. When she told me about it, I asked her “”Didn’t you tell him that you were interested in getting married?”” She answered “”No””. I told her that she shouldn’t wait anymore and start dating someone who actually cares about her feelings and needs.
Don’t let any man play with your heart strings. Just remember to take care of yours. And please make sure that you won’t be playing with another man’s heart strings.
Here are some tips to help you attract an older man:
1) Be open minded and ready to experiment. An older man likes to see what works and what doesn’t. He usually tries different techniques to satisfy his sexual desires. Sex is a great test for intimacy. Try it and discover which technique works best for you.
2) Accept his advances gracefully. A lot of guys expect a lot when it comes to sex. You may have to show him that you aren’t a virgin anymore. Tell him that you are comfortable with oral sex but you prefer intercourse. Ask him to use a condom during sex. Let him know that you are OK with dirty talk.
3) Have a sense of humor. Don’t overdo anything. Relax. Enjoy the moment. Laughing during sex makes everything easier.
4) Look your best. Dress up nicely and look sexy. Let him know that you are available anytime he wants you.
5) Be friendly and outgoing. Take interest in whatever he tells you. Listen to him carefully and ask questions sometimes.
6) Share interests and hobbies. One of the most important factors that attracts men to women is commonality.
7) Give him compliments occasionally. Compliments make a man feel appreciated.
8) Learn to relax. Your anxiety affects your performance during sex. Therefore, try to relax and enjoy.
9) Keep a positive attitude. Never criticize him or give him negative feedback.
10) Treat him respectfully. Remember that he is an adult and you are supposed to respect him.
11) Respect him. Never underestimate his abilities. He has been around and has experienced a lot. He knows what he is doing.
12) Trust him. Believe in his lovemaking skills. He loves you and he takes care of you.
13) Make him feel secure. Older men usually have higher sex drives than others. This means that he enjoys sex more often and quickly.
14) Talk about your fantasies. Arouse him sexually through verbal communication.
15) Pay attention to his reactions. You may notice that he gets turned on easily. Don’t ignore his signals.
16) Communicate nonverbally. Use touch to express your feelings.
17) Experiment. Older men are generally adventurous and willing to explore new places.
18) Embrace your femininity. Older men tend to be more respectful towards feminine traits such as softness and sensuality.
19) Open up to him. Don’t hesitate to discuss your emotions.
20) Do things that turn him on. Older men are known for their insatiable sex drive.
21) Show him affection. Older men appreciate physical gestures such as hugs, kisses and cuddling.
22) Play naughty sometimes. Surprise him. Older men are more patient and disciplined than others.
23) Give him head. Older men like giving head. It’s a sign of submission and trust.
24) Develop healthy relationships. Older men are more emotionally attached than others.
25) Be confident. Older men prefer confident women.
26) Go slow. Older men are less likely to rush into bed. They like taking a little longer.
27) Stay fit. Older men like women who are physically active and energetic.
28) Keep track of your cycles. Older men like women who are aware of their bodies.
29) Follow his lead. The biggest mistake women make is trying to control their partners instead of responding to his moves.
30) Say yes! Older men like women who are open-minded.
31) Know your limits. Never sleep with a man who is abusive.
32) Avoid alcohol and drugs. Alcohol and drugs reduce inhibitions.
33) Be honest. If you don’t want to perform certain acts, tell him truthfully.
34) Don’t compare him to other men. Older men are unique individuals.
35) Don’t worry about losing your figure. He may love your curves.
36) Consider his age. Not all older men are perverted. Some of them are actually quite normal.
37) Find your soul mate. No one is perfect. Everyone has flaws and so does he. All you have to do is find someone who accepts you for who you are.
38) Accept his masculinity. Older men are stronger and more independent than others.
39) Accept his authority. Older men are accustomed to leadership roles.
40) Accept his commitment. Older men are more responsible than others.
41) Help him live healthier. Older men are prone to health problems.
42) Appreciate him. Older men are selfless and loving.
43) Get along with his friends. His friends may influence his behavior.
44) Be flexible. Older men are more adaptable than others.
45) Be patient. Older men may take longer to warm up.
46) Be prepared. Sometimes it takes a little time for an older man to get aroused.
47) Be open. Older men are more open to experimenting.
48) Focus on your goals. While older men may be more conservative, they are still curious.
49) Be strong. Older men admire strength in women.
50) Be calm. Older men appreciate emotional stability in women.”

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