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Why Do Babies Pull Their Hair

by Clara Wynn
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Why Do Babies Pull Their Hair

Why Do Babies Pull Their Hair

When I was a baby, my mother taught me how to self-soothe by pulling on hair. It might not look very calming but it helped ease the stress of being hungry or afraid in an unfamiliar place!

Why Do I Twirl My Hair

It turns out that hair twirling is not just for fun. It can be an indication of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and if you have other symptoms like anxiety or inappropriate thoughts, your habit might actually fit into this condition! Other telltale signs include: repeated unwanted behaviors such as checking rituals where there’s no obvious reason why these things should matter so much at all times; getting upset when they don’t go according to with what we want them to – even though people who suffer from OCD will say their minds aren’t really working correctly during these episodes.

Why Do Babies Smell Good

Newborns come into this world covered in vernix caseosa, a waxy white substance that helps to keep them warm. This might be one reason why the special newborn scent only lasts for about 3 weeks!

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