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Why Do Girls Moan During Sex

by Lyndon Langley
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Why Do Girls Moan During Sex

Why Do Girls Moan During Sex

When it comes to sex, men are often considered more sexually active than women. This is especially true when you consider how much time most guys spend in front of a computer or TV watching pornography, which has been shown to desensitize people from real human interaction. Women on the other hand tend to be more focused on personal hygiene, children, family duties, and household chores. Most women simply don’t have as much free time for sexual exploration.
A lot of women complain about this fact, saying that there just aren’t enough good porn sites out there catering to female viewers’ needs. But one group of scientists decided to take matters into their own hands by conducting a study to see if women moan during intercourse because they actually enjoy the experience. Their findings may surprise you.
To conduct this study, a team of psychologists from the University of California at Berkeley sent surveys to over 200 women asking them questions about their sex lives. The survey included topics such as whether the woman was comfortable with moaning during sex, what her motivations were for doing so, and if she thought it would help her achieve an orgasm.
One interesting result of the study showed that only 36 percent of the women who participated were comfortable making sounds during sex. However, those who enjoyed moaning were mostly motivated to do so to please their partners (66%), rather than because they were trying to reach an orgasm (87%). In addition, almost half of all the participants felt that moaning helped their partners reach an orgasm faster. And nearly three quarters believed that a woman could tell when a man was close to finishing based on his body language.
So why does it seem like so few women are comfortable expressing themselves through sound? One possible reason is that our society places a high value on silence during sex. We’ve become accustomed to hearing crickets chirping outside, birds singing nearby, and cars honking down the street — things that we rarely hear ourselves unless someone else makes a sound first. Another possibility is due to social pressure placed upon us by our peers. A girl might feel ashamed or embarrassed if she lets loose with primal noises during sex.
But perhaps the greatest barrier preventing women from moaning is the fear of being labeled “sexually inexperienced.” As mentioned earlier, females are typically expected to remain silent until male ejaculation. If a lady vocalizes before a guy finishes, he will likely think less of her and view her negatively. So even though many women want to moan, they’re afraid it’ll hurt their chances of getting laid. Fortunately, there’s no need to worry about these negative outcomes. Just keep reading to find out more reasons why you should start moaning today!
Reasons Why You Should Start Making Sounds Today
If you haven’t noticed already, I’m going to say it again — I believe that every woman can benefit from moaning during sex. It doesn’t matter if you’re shy, inexperienced, or a total exhibitionist. All women can use some assistance reaching climax, and moaning can certainly provide a big helping hand. Also, if you’re a guy who likes to listen to your significant other’s moans instead of turning off the radio whenever you hear them, then you should definitely try incorporating some audible pleasure into your sex life.
Now let’s look at some specific benefits of moaning — specifically, the ones regarding improving your overall sex life. First, moaning helps you get used to talking dirty. By using explicit words and phrases during sex, you will learn how to talk dirty naturally. If you never give yourself permission to express your desires verbally, you won’t know what to say when you’re alone together.
Second, moaning can also improve communication between you and your partner. When you both engage in mutual masturbation, moaning can really set the mood. For example, when you’re enjoying solo play, you can whisper naughty suggestions into your lover’s ear, causing him to fantasize that you’re right next to him. Or maybe you’d prefer to focus on something a little bit more tactile. Try rubbing your clitoris against your girlfriends panties or against your boyfriend’s pubic hair.
Thirdly, moaning can allow a couple to explore new sexual positions. There are plenty of ways to incorporate moaning into various sexual acts, including oral sex, manual stimulation, and intercourse. Some couples choose to practice moaning with each other before attempting sex in public; others prefer to wait until after they’ve gone to bed. Whichever approach works best for you, remember that the goal is to bring pleasure to your partner.
Last but not least, moaning can add intensity to any type of penetrative sex act. Whether you’re masturbating your partner vaginally or anal, moaning can increase arousal levels. On top of that, if you find yourself thinking too much about the mechanics of penetration, moaning can help distract your mind from focusing on those details.
As you learned above, some women are uncomfortable with vocalizing during sex. Even if you’re a confident vocalizer, you may still hesitate to moan because you’re worried that you’ll scare your partner away. To avoid this problem, you can always ask your partner to join in on whatever activity you’re doing together. Or you can encourage him to be quiet and listen to you. Once he hears you moaning, he’ll probably realize that he can participate as well.
Whatever method you decide to go with, here are some tips to keep in mind when practicing vocalizing during sex:
Don’t force yourself to scream. Don’t try to project your voice at full volume. Your tone should be soft and gentle.
Moaning isn’t meant to replace actual contractions. Try to keep your vocalizations short and simple.
Keep breathing throughout your session.
Always focus on pleasuring your partner.
Lastly, if you find that you’re unable to speak comfortably, you can always show your appreciation with a kiss. No one will ever accuse you of being unsound!
In conclusion, moaning during sex can be highly beneficial for anyone who wants to spice up their lovemaking sessions. After all, nothing says “I love you” quite like showing affection with your mouth. Plus, once you discover how easy it is to communicate your feelings vocally, you may begin to notice a positive change in the way your partner treats you. And that’s exactly what every person deserves — a healthy sense of self worth and confidence in their relationships.

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