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Why Do Guys Like Feet

by Lyndon Langley
Why Do Guys Like Feet

Why Do Guys Like Feet

In a study conducted by researchers at the University of California, Riverside, it was revealed that men who were more likely to be aroused by images of women’s legs or feet were also less attracted to actual women in real life. The researchers concluded that this may be due to men being turned off when a woman is overly attractive instead of having something inherently wrong with them. In other words, these guys just like feet for no good reason.
The academic study above only examined male participants’ attraction to female feet. However, another study did find that both men and women alike tend to enjoy looking at their own feet while masturbating (or fantasizing about someone else doing so). This suggests that there isn’t necessarily anything “wrong” with the way our brains look at our own bodies — especially since we’re constantly reminded that our feet are beautiful every time we see a pair of high heels — but rather how society has trained us to focus solely on the beauty of our faces.
So why do some guys really dig those sexy shoes? According to one theory, it’s because feet remind them of sexier times. According to author and psychologist Dr. Helen Fisher, feet can trigger memories of past experiences related to mating rituals. She writes in her book Why Him?, “Humans don’t use their brain as much for sexual selection as many mammals do; rather, humans rely upon smell, touch, sight, sound, vocalization, and facial attractiveness to choose mates.” Because the majority of human beings spend most of their lives walking around outside, it makes sense that our minds would start associating footwear with potential partners.
Another possible explanation may come from the fact that feet often serve as an indicator of health, well-being, strength, intelligence, and overall vitality. As such, when we pay attention to our feet, we not only notice what kind of food and drink we need to consume to feel full, but we’re also subconsciously making assessments about whether we’d want to date someone based on how healthy he/she looks.
According to psychotherapist Judith Orloff, feet can even function as a type of self-love mechanism. Her book Emotional Healing: A Guide For Men And Women Through Grief & Loss explains, “Feet may become your best friend, your lover, your confidante. They help you keep track of your feelings and share them with others. You can trust your feet to tell you if you’ve been standing too long, or if you’ve overdone everything. When you listen to your feet, you’ll hear messages that go beyond language and interpretation.”
If you think it’s weird that your guy likes feet, consider this: He might actually be into feet more than he cares to admit! Foot fetishes aren’t typically discussed openly, which means that many guys probably have no idea that they themselves have foot fetishes. But according to research done by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, men are more likely to experience foot fetishes than women. Specifically, men are more likely to be aroused by images of women’s legs or feet than by images of any other part of the body. Interestingly enough, women are more likely to respond sexually to images of a person’s face than they are to pictures of his/her butt. It seems that men are drawn towards the shape of a woman’s leg, while women prefer the visual appeal of a man’s face.
Sigmund Freud claimed that people sexualize feet because they resemble penises. If that’s true, then why do women wear high heels? One possibility is that wearing stilettos causes increased blood flow to the genital area, which could make sex more pleasurable. Another is that heels increase the length of time spent dancing, which may lead to better oral sex skills as well as frequent orgasms.
A final interesting thing to note about feet is that the average size of a man’s penis increases when he’s wearing socks. Studies show that men who wear tight-fitting clothing tend to be more likely to experience erections than men who wear looser clothes. Researchers believe that the tighter fit of the clothing restricts circulation to certain areas of the body, including the genitals, thereby causing them to become larger.
While we know that feet turn some guys on, we still don’t understand exactly why they get so excited by seeing naked feet. What psychological factors cause a person to desire feet? What does a guy need to do to get over feeling aroused by feet? Is there a difference between liking feet and having a foot fetish? Read on to find out.

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