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Why Do Guys Want Multiple Partners

by Lyndon Langley
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Why Do Guys Want Multiple Partners

Why Do Guys Want Multiple Partners

It’s not just sex that guys are worried about — it’s also getting into a relationship they’re not sure about.  15% of the men we surveyed said that they want multiple sexual partners because they don’t want to settle down with one person. Others say that they like variety in bed, or that women who have more than one partner are “more exciting” and will be less likely to cheat on them.
But is having lots of one night stands really better for you than a long-term relationship? And why do so many people think that if men aren’t committed to their significant other then they’ll go out and find someone new anyway? It seems there must be some kind of logic to this belief – but what could it possibly be?
1) A man may have had several relationships before he found his current girlfriend/wife, and each time he has been hurt by her lack of commitment. He may well be attracted to these types of women, and feel that they would make great girlfriends, but even though they might seem very different from his current partner, deep down inside he may still expect a similar level of commitment. If he ends up dating someone who doesn’t live up to his standards, it can cause him problems in later relationships.
2) Men often believe that women get bored after having children, and as a result end up cheating on their husbands or boyfriends. This isn’t always true, but sometimes when a woman gets older she simply becomes less interested in sex, especially if she has already given birth. Although the biological clock does eventually start ticking, it takes years for this to happen, so most women won’t experience this problem until much later in life. But when they do, they may see themselves as being too old to date again.
3) Some women may worry that once their husband or boyfriend finds someone else, he’ll take all the attention away from them. Of course, this depends on how close the couple are, but it is possible that a man may look elsewhere when his wife is ill or tired, or when she is otherwise preoccupied. However, it is unlikely that any man would consider sleeping with another woman while his wife was at work. Women should understand that although this scenario plays out differently, it happens nonetheless.
4) Another reason why some men seek casual sex is that it helps them deal with stress. They may feel overwhelmed or anxious about something going on in their lives, and having an extra source of comfort makes them feel calmer. Having a lot of casual sex may help them avoid taking things seriously, and give them a chance to blow off steam.
5) There are times when couples go through periods where they argue over whether or not to sleep together. Sometimes, there’s no real need to decide either way, since neither party wants to lose the intimacy of sharing a bed. When a couple starts seeing each other regularly, however, they may begin to develop feelings for each other. At this point, it can become difficult to remain intimate without actually having sex. In order to solve this dilemma, one partner may suggest staying overnight somewhere, which allows them to enjoy the benefits of a shared room, but avoids the awkwardness of having sex right away.
6) The same thing applies when a couple decides to move in together. At first, it can be fun to share your living space and your belongings. But after a while, it can become hard to keep things separate when you spend so much time together. Once you’ve established yourself in your home, it can be difficult to break your routine. One solution is to stay with friends or family members for short stints, giving both parties a change of scenery.
7) Many people don’t realize that men are turned on by a wide range of visual stimuli. For example, a man who enjoys watching sports may find himself aroused by images of cheerleaders or models wearing revealing clothing. He may also enjoy looking at pictures of sexy lingerie or bikini tops. These kinds of scenes may stimulate him sexually, regardless of whether or not he interacts physically with them.
8) Some men like to watch porn movies. While viewing such content may not affect their behavior directly, it can certainly influence their fantasies. Pornographic films tend to focus heavily on attractive young women, and usually involve some sort of physical contact between the actors. For this reason, many viewers prefer to masturbate while watching explicit videos rather than engaging in intercourse.
9) Men may also fantasize about meeting other people online. Virtual reality technology has made it easier than ever for anyone with a computer to meet others virtually. People often use chat rooms to discuss various topics, including sexual preferences (such as kinks and fetishes). As long as they’re careful never to disclose personal information, they shouldn’t run into any legal issues.
10) Finally, some men have sex with random women simply because they are curious. It’s important for them to know that they aren’t doing anything wrong by letting loose with a stranger, but it can lead to unwanted pregnancies. Most health organizations recommend waiting six months after quitting smoking, or using condoms during oral sex. Since men rarely engage in group sex, they may assume that they are safe from pregnancy complications.

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