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Why Do I Have White Spots On My Teeth

by Payton Taylor
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Why Do I Have White Spots On My Teeth

Why Do I Have White Spots On My Teeth

Teeth develop white spots for many reasons, some more serious than others. The buildup of acid in our mouths can cause a loss or enamel minerals which causes the discoloration and often times indicates an issue with your health
The passage discusses tooth decay as well! The acids in our diets and mouth bacteria can combine to create more acid when we eat carbohydrates. Another cause is trauma during development, which leaves white spots on teeth; these are signs that enamel has been compromised so there’s potential for tooth decay later down the line!

Why Do My Teeth Have White Spots

The whites of teeth are a sign that you take care for your dental health, and some people use every opportunity they get to keep their smile clean. This includes brushing daily or having regular checkups at the dentist’s office as well using whitening products if needed! If there is stain on top layer(s) then it could be due Wax build-up which will come out with gentle washings from time vanquishing all problems within reach–it still might require professional help though because this type resembles decay more than anything else.

Why Do My Teeth Look Clear

The enamel on your teeth is what gives them their opaque white color. When this protective layer wears away, the result can be teethes that are translucent or clear rather than black like before! There are several conditions which may lead to weakened Dockies including Celiac Disease and genetic disorders such as hypoplasia caused by mineral deficiencies leading towards dents in between each tooth’s crowns – not only does it look ugly but these marks make eating difficult since food gets stuck inside these crevices making chewing harder work than normal while at same time allowing bacteria easy access into our mouths via.

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