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Why Do Kids Eat Their Boogers

by Lyndon Langley
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Why Do Kids Eat Their Boogers

Why Do Kids Eat Their Boogers

Heroes of the day, children are natural born booger eaters. So next time your kid picks their nose in public be grateful that they’re not going through life with an inferiority complex like many other people did before them!

Why Do People Eat Boogers

Some people might pick their nose and eat the boogers because it is a habit or an anxiety-relief technique. Some may also do this to release stress by engaging in rhinotillexomania (compulsive nosing).

Why Do People Pick Their Nose

Nose picking is an ancient practice that has many potential causes. In most cases, people pick their nose to remove uncomfortable or irritating boogers; however in some instances it may be compulsive behavior where the individual can’t stop themselves from going through this ritual even if they’re aware of how unhygienic it could potentially make them appear! There have also been studies linking chronic rhinosinusitis (Nose Picking) with various health risks such as spreading bacteria and viruses among others things.

Why Do Some People Eat Their Boogers

The practice of picking one’s nose may be so normal to you that you don’t even realize when it happens. And if the person is suffering from compulsive disorder, they might get relief by doing this repetitively and consistently throughout their day!

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