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Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex

by Kristin Beck
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Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex

“A woman’s vagina is very sensitive and she can feel everything that goes on in her partner’s mind while having sex. A woman’s vagina gets stimulated during intercourse by the penis moving up and down inside of it. The clitoris also becomes aroused through sexual stimulation. These are some of the ways how women get turned-on sexually. But what about men? What do they experience during sex? According to health experts, as soon as a man reaches orgasm, his body chemistry changes. And this change occurs when the chemical prolactin is released from his pituitary gland. Prolactin is responsible for making mammals go into a state of drowsiness or sleeplessness. It has been found that the more intense the orgasm, the higher the level of prolactin will be produced in males. Thus, if you want your significant other to fall asleep right after sex, just make sure you don’t overdo it with the foreplay. If you have ever tried masturbating yourself to sleep, then you know how hard it is to wake up once you’re already sleeping. Now imagine doing all those things to someone else! That would definitely make anyone sleepy.
Once prolactin starts flooding their bodies, men tend to relax, slow down and lose interest. They may even become lethargic and fall asleep. While falling asleep during sex isn’t necessarily bad, there are many reasons why people might not like it. Some women find it annoying because they’d rather stay awake and keep going than take a quick nap. Also, sometimes a person who wants to sleep doesn’t want to end up snoring. So, here are some tips to help you choose which one you prefer – sleep or sex?
Sleep first, then sex — or vice versa
If you want to enjoy sex, try to spend at least two hours before actually engaging in any type of physical contact. If you’ve spent less time getting ready for bed, chances are you won’t last long. You’ll probably need more time to recover after sex. Instead of rushing home after work, consider staying out late on weekends instead. Try taking a hot bath, reading a good book, listening to music and eating something healthy. These activities will ensure that you’ll recover faster so that you can return back to the bedroom again sooner. In fact, most couples agree that sex should only happen twice or thrice per week. Having sex too often can cause problems such as exhaustion, fatigue and soreness. Another reason why people say no to frequent sex is that they simply don’t have enough energy for more than one activity. Remember, sex takes lots of stamina!
On the other hand, while falling asleep during sex is normal, it shouldn’t be forced upon your partner. If you really need to sleep but aren’t able to stop thinking about anything, try to distract yourself with another form of entertainment. Find something interesting to watch on TV or read a magazine until you feel sleepy. Or better yet, listen to calming music or watch relaxing movies. Don’t forget to wear comfortable clothes so that you can move around without feeling self-conscious. If you don’t have a remote control handy, put your favorite movie on repeat and lay down next to your partner.
In addition, avoid alcohol or other substances that could affect your ability to fall asleep. Alcohol can enhance feelings of anxiety and stress. Drugs and illegal drugs such as cocaine and marijuana can also cause insomnia due to their stimulating effects on the central nervous system.
What does science say?
The average adult human male produces between 8 and 15 milligrams of prolactin every minute of the day. However, levels vary depending on whether a man is relaxed or stressed. When we’re under pressure, our stress hormones increase, including prolactin. For example, if you’re worried about paying bills or being late for work, your prolactin levels will rise. On the other hand, if you’re happy and contented about life, your prolactin will decrease. Researchers believe that prolactin plays a role in regulating sleep cycles. Studies show that men who suffer from chronic insomnia produce more prolactin.
For these reasons, scientists suggest that men should follow a regular sleep schedule. One study showed that people who slept five hours or fewer per night had lower concentrations of prolactin compared to people who slept eight hours or longer. Other studies also reveal that people who got seven to nine hours of sleep each night were healthier overall.
So now you know what causes men to sleep after sex. Next time you and your partner decide to engage in sexual activities, remember to set aside adequate time to prepare. Make sure both of you are well rested and give yourselves at least two hours in order to allow proper recovery. If falling asleep during sex is a problem, either talk to your doctor or look online for solutions. There are several available medications that can reduce prolactin levels. Talk to your physician about them.”

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