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Why Do Men Love Boobs

by Kristin Beck
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Why Do Men Love Boobs

Why Do Men Love Boobs

“If you ask a man why he’s into boobs, it won’t be easy for him to answer. This is because men have been conditioned by society and media that women with large breasts are more attractive than those who don’t have big ones. There are many men out there who say they love boobies but their behavior clearly shows otherwise. They are not able to accept it if their girl has small or medium sized breasts. So how can we explain this?
The truth behind men loving boobs
Guys are attracted to women’s breasts due to the bonding chemical Oxytocin which is produced when the mother breastfeeds the child which the child consumes. The same chemical is also released in male during sexual intercourse. When Oxytocin is released in males, they will become very aggressive and sexually active. In addition, they start showing affection towards their partners as well as protect them from potential danger. But what happens when this chemical is released in males even without breastfeeding? It would cause them to get horny and make them want to go into sex mode.
Oxytocin is one of the most important hormones responsible for the development of uterus and mammary glands. Women produce the hormone at different levels according to age. During pregnancy, the level of Oxytocin increases significantly and reaches its peak after childbirth. After birth, the level of Oxytocin decreases gradually until menstruation. However, studies show that the level of Oxytocin in pregnant woman remains high during lactation. Therefore, whenever a female produces milk, she releases Oxytocin in order to bond with her baby.
Studies show that women who have never breastfed have lower levels of Oxytocin compared to those who had previously breastfed their babies. On top of that, women who had mastectomy or whose ovaries were removed do not produce enough amount of Oxytocin either. Interestingly, the level of Oxytocin in postmenopausal women does not change much. What does all this mean? It means that the higher your level of Oxytocin, the better chance you have to attract good guy. And the best way to increase your level of Oxytocin is through breastfeeding.
Men are biologically wired to love boobs
In fact, the reason men like boobs is biological. The brain part called amygdala which is located near the temporal lobe area of our brains are responsible for making us feel attraction towards certain things such as food, pets and other animals. Our eyes may tell us something else but our emotions definitely tells us that boobs are highly desirable.
When it comes to boobs, size matters
As mentioned earlier, men find larger boobs more appealing than smaller ones. Scientists came up with an interesting theory about this phenomenon. According to this theory, the reason guys love boobs so much is because they unconsciously think that bigger boobs would help them reproduce faster. If that was true, then why didn’t humans evolve to have big boobs naturally? As a matter of fact, scientists believe that this theory might not be accurate.
Scientists conducted several experiments on mice in order to test whether bigger boobs could lead to faster reproduction. Researchers divided female mice into two groups. One group had normal-sized boobs while another group had boobs twice as large as the first group. Both groups got regular mating every 4 months. Surprisingly, researchers found no significant difference between both groups regarding number of offspring each mouse gave birth to. Not only that, researchers noticed that the rate of miscarriage among females having large boobs did not differ from that of females with normal-sized boobs. In conclusion, scientists concluded that bigger boobs don’t necessarily result in faster reproduction.
So what does it really take to make a woman sexy?
It seems like the size of a woman’s boobs is the main factor that attracts men. A lot of research has been done to determine what actually makes a woman sexy. Studies show that girls with smaller waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) are considered more attractive than those with large WHR. Also, a recent study revealed that women with bigger hip circumference are considered more attractive than those with wide hips. Another study showed that women with bigger thighs are considered more attractive than those with thinner legs.
However, these findings aren’t universal. For example, some studies show that men prefer women with slim bodies rather than fat ones. Some studies also point out that men are more interested in facial features of a woman rather than her body shape. Furthermore, one study shows that women with thicker arms are seen as more attractive than those with skinny arms. These results suggest that men are more likely to be attracted to voluptuous women rather than thin ones.
While science cannot give us exact answers as to why men love boobs, it gives us insights on what makes a woman sexy. Now that we know what turns men on, we should try to incorporate these characteristics in ourselves.”

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