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Why Do People Like Feet

by Lyndon Langley
Why Do People Like Feet

Why Do People Like Feet

Feet are among the most popular erotica fetishes. Whether people like having them sucked, licked or worshipped, there is no denying that they are very sexy and arousing to look at. So why do people have such an attraction to feet?
There are several reasons as to why people get so aroused by feet. For starters, it is because of their association with femininity. In fact, our brain has been wired in such a way that we find women more attractive when they wear high heels. The effect of this is that men tend to be attracted to taller women wearing high heels. This can also explain why tall men usually prefer dating shorter women. Another reason is that feet are associated with motherhood and nurturing. If you think about it, feet are one of the main parts of the human body that touch everything we come into contact with on a daily basis. It makes sense then for us to associate them with love and affection. Another factor is that feet are highly sensitive parts of the body. They are often described as being ‘feels-good’. When your toes are touched, you will feel tingly all over. Feet are also known as erogenous zones – an area where sexual arousal occurs and pleasurable sensations are felt. Therefore, if you want to stimulate someone sexually, just focus on their feet. If you know what part of their anatomy feels good, you will definitely land yourself some juicy rewards.
Some people claim that they only like feet due to the taboo nature around feet. However, while some people might not even consider other areas of the body as erotically appealing, others might actually be experiencing something similar but simply don’t realise it. Some people say they are turned on by the idea of being penetrated from behind (such as through the anus) by another person’s erect penis. Others may enjoy being penetrated orally by a man who leans forward slightly and gazes down at their feet. Still others may enjoy receiving oral sex from a woman who looks up and smiles at them seductively while her lips meet those of her lover’s feet. These things may sound strange to some people, but many people are capable of feeling these types of emotions.
Another reason people like feet is due to certain psychological factors. A lot of people who like feet are either insecure or overly self-conscious about their own bodies. Many people like feet because they remind them of their mothers’ feet. Some people like feet because they are used to walking barefoot outside and getting dirty. Other people like feet because they believe that they are better than anyone else. Whatever the case may be, many people like feet simply because they remind them of their mothers’ feet. As a result, these people end up comparing themselves to their partners’ feet which leads them to become aroused. One could argue that it is unfair to compare oneself to another person’s feet, especially since feet are different between each individual. However, the best thing to do would be to accept that feet are beautiful and unique and appreciate them for what they are.
If you are interested in trying out any of the above mentioned activities, make sure that you talk to your partner first. You need to ensure that both parties are comfortable before moving ahead. Be aware that although some of the above mentioned activities may seem odd to you, your partner needs to agree before proceeding. If you decide to go ahead, remember that you should always take precautions such as using condoms. Never force your partner to engage in anything that they are uncomfortable with. Remember that whatever turns your crank, it does not necessarily mean that your partner wants to experience the same activity. Make sure that you communicate your desires clearly to avoid any confusion.
Finally, if you are looking for ideas to spice up your bedroom life, try talking to your partner about how you could improve your current routine together. There are plenty of ways that you can introduce new things to add excitement into your relationship. Try experimenting with different positions, speed, intensity and locations. If you have never tried anything new before, you may be pleasantly surprised at how much fun you two can have!
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