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Why Do People Rub Their Feet Together

by Lyndon Langley
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Why Do People Rub Their Feet Together

Why Do People Rub Their Feet Together

Have you ever had that feeling where your toes are starting to tingle? Or maybe your foot feels like it’s going numb or has fallen asleep? That’s probably because your brain thinks your foot needs more blood flow to keep it awake. In other words, when your foot starts to tingle, it wants to move because it knows if it doesn’t, its leg will fall asleep! This is why we have reflexology points located on various parts of each foot and toes throughout the body. When those areas become over stimulated, they tell the rest of the body “Hey, I’m here!” and start sending messages through nerves to the central nervous system (brain), which tells them what action to take. It’s an amazing way for the human body to communicate with itself without having to speak out loud. And it works both ways-when you’re sleeping, your brain sends signals to all parts of your body telling them what to do.
In addition to communication between nerve endings and the brain, there are also chemical pathways within our bodies called sensory neurons. These are responsible for detecting changes in temperature, pressure, pain, etc., among other things. They come into contact with our receptors (skin) and send information to our brains when something happens. But just as people rub their hands together before putting on gloves to avoid burning themselves, our sensory neurons often encounter obstacles such as dry skin or chemicals on the surface of our skin that may cause irritation. To protect ourselves from these irritants, we apply products designed to calm down the nerves or moisturize the area to help make the connection smoother. One example would be lotion applied to relieve tight muscles and increase circulation. If we use products containing alcohol or fragrances, we run the risk of drying out the skin further or irritating it. So, how does one solve this problem? By using two different types of products at once, instead of trying to put out fires with gasoline. For example, if our skin becomes irritated from wearing shoes, we should immediately remove the shoe and apply soothing cream or soap to the affected area. Then follow up by applying another product designed to reduce inflammation and promote healing. Some people recommend soaking your feet for 20 minutes in warm water and then patting yourself dry with a towel. Although this sounds great in theory, it can actually cause problems. The heat from the bathwater causes moisture to evaporate from the skin faster than normal. Also, since most of our skin is made up of fat cells, evaporation can lead to dehydration. This can leave your skin flaky and dry, causing cracks and peeling.
There are many reasons why someone might want to rub their feet together, but one of the main ones is to achieve relaxation. Our skin is highly sensitive to external stimuli. As mentioned earlier, even the slightest vibration can signal our brain that our fingers or toes are touching something, making us think we need to adjust our grip or position. This is especially true when we’re lying down. Our brains interpret the bed as being firm enough to support our weight, so when we lie down on top of it, it seems like the bed isn’t supporting us properly. Our brain tells our arms and legs that they need to lift off the ground because they aren’t getting proper support from the bed. Of course, the opposite is also true when lying down; our brain interprets our bed as soft enough to sink into, so when we lie down on top of it, it feels too hard. When we wake up in the morning, we usually don’t remember anything about falling asleep. However, the next time we lay down to go back to sleep, our brain notices that we’ve been lying on a harder surface than usual and reacts accordingly.
This process is similar to what happens when we walk barefoot outside in grass or sand. Grass and dirt stimulate the bottom of our feet differently than carpeted floors do. Grass stimulates the soles of our feet while dirt stimulates the tops of our feet. This means that walking across grass is much less jarring for our bones and joints than walking across concrete. This is the same reason why some cultures consider grass to be good luck and others consider dirt lucky.
To prevent these issues, we tend to wear slippers around the house to provide extra padding between our feet and surfaces. We also use ointments specifically designed to soften our feet and eliminate the friction caused by regular foot traffic inside and outside the home. Many companies now offer special mitts that can be worn during long car rides to prevent discomfort and fatigue. While none of these solutions are perfect, they can definitely ease the strain on our feet and lower extremities.
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