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Why Do We Close Our Eyes When We Kiss

by Lyndon Langley
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Why Do We Close Our Eyes When We Kiss

Why Do We Close Our Eyes When We Kiss

Kissing is an intimate act that has been around for thousands of years, but it’s not always clear why humans enjoy this activity so much. One theory behind our fondness for kissing centers around the idea that we can’t see what we’re doing when we kiss because of how our eyelids are closed. Another reason may be that closing one’s eyes allows us to better concentrate on the sensations occurring during the kiss.
As far back as ancient Greece and Egypt, people engaged in ritualized acts such as kissing, dancing, flirting and courting, all with no sexual connotations. In fact, kissing was considered more important than sex itself, according to many historians. These cultures believed that only gods could experience pleasure through kissing. The Greeks thought kissing between lovers would lead to conception; the Egyptians believed it would ensure fertility.
In modern times, scientists have begun studying kissing to learn if there are any benefits associated with it. For example, some studies suggest that kissing increases levels of dopamine, which improves moods, and oxytocin, which helps regulate social bonds. Other research indicates that kissing releases other types of hormones, including endorphins, prolactin and vasopressin. Some believe these chemicals enhance feelings of trust, loyalty and affection toward romantic partners.
But, why do we close our eyes? It turns out that the answer to this question might help explain why most people like to kiss — at least those who engage in this activity without being trained professionals in the field of psychology. Specifically, cognitive psychologists Polly Dalton and Sandra Murphy found “tactile [sense of touch] awareness depends on the level of perceptual load in a concurrent visual task”. This means that when you close your eyes while kissing someone, it gives you time to process what you’re feeling rather than just react to it. Thus, it makes sense that we tend to close our eyes when kissing because it allows us to take things in slowly instead of trying to process them immediately.
However, there are several theories about why we close our eyes when kissing. Let’s start by exploring whether or not it actually serves any purpose beyond giving us a break from focusing on other senses.
The Benefits of Eye Closure During Kisses

It’s difficult to say exactly why we close our eyes during kisses. But, there are a few reasons that seem plausible. First off, it probably provides us with a momentary rest period to breathe. Closing our eyes also prevents vision from taking over our entire bodies. And, since it takes energy to keep your eyes open, closing them can prevent us from losing too much sleep while we’re kissing. Finally, eye closure likely lets our brains get away from processing sensory information and give them something else to do. After all, it’s hard enough keeping track of what we’re feeling with our noses pressed against someone else’s mouth, let alone having to process everything going on around us.
There are some advantages to keeping our eyes open when kissing. For instance, it may increase sensitivity to changes in body language and breathing patterns. Also, seeing each others’ faces may make it easier to analyze emotions, especially negative ones. Conversely, however, closing our eyes decreases peripheral vision, making it harder to spot the subtle movements that signal deception or hostility. Additionally, it seems that blinking less often while kissing leads to greater satisfaction. Blinking less frequently may mean that a person spends more time looking into his or her partner’s eyes, which enhances intimacy. On the other hand, if they blink less often, then kissing becomes monotonous.
So, although opening our eyes during a kiss may not benefit every single situation, it does serve some useful functions. However, it isn’t quite as easy as simply closing them whenever we feel tired or overwhelmed. To find out more about why we sometimes choose to close our eyes when kissing, read on.
One popular theory suggests that women close their eyes when kissing because it hides their blushing cheeks. Another explanation states that women close their eyes because men look more attractive when they do so. A third theory claims women close their eyes because they want to listen more intently to a man’s voice. Yet another says that it’s done to show dominance. Scientists, however, aren’t sure of the exact cause behind women’s behavior.
Eye-Closing Techniques for Men
Although plenty of people think that women close their eyes when kissing, the same doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone. In fact, if you’ve ever kissed a woman, you know that she usually keeps hers open. So, where did this misconception come from? Researchers believe that it might have developed due to cultural differences. For example, in Japan, both genders typically keep their eyes wide open when kissing. However, American women tend to close theirs slightly, whereas Japanese men tend to close theirs completely.
Because of these cultural differences, it may be helpful if male partners try to mimic the way that their female partners kiss. This technique involves placing your index finger under your nose and moving it up and down while you’re kissing. You should also move your lips in unison with your finger tips. Basically, if you do this correctly, you’ll feel your partner’s breath run across your face, and you’ll notice that she closes her eyes.
If you’d like to know even more about the science of kissing, check out additional links on the next page.
Some experts claim that closing one’s eyes during a kiss helps strengthen the bond between two people. They say that it shows love and respect for each other. Others believe that it shows confidence and passion. If you decide to close your eyes when kissing, you shouldn’t worry about scaring your date off. According to researchers, it won’t hurt your chances of getting anywhere with someone. Instead, you should consider using this habit to show your true self and personality.

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