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Why Do Women Like Dad Bods

by Lyndon Langley
Why Do Women Like Dad Bods

Why Do Women Like Dad Bods

The dad bod has been around for decades — since at least 1998 when “Dad” magazine launched in New Zealand. But it wasn’t until 2017 that anyone took notice.
That year, University of Otago researchers published the results of an online survey about the bodies of men they called the “dad bod,” which was taken from October 2016 to January 2017 by over 1,000 people all over the world. The researchers were surprised to see how many women liked what they saw, particularly considering how much society tells us we should hate fat guys.
“Our findings show that a large proportion of young men are very happy with their bodies,” researcher Dr. Kate Langford wrote in her report. “They are proud of their muscular physiques, and don’t feel as though they need to lose weight or change anything about themselves.”
But why do so many women love the dad bod? Is there something about having a strong core (and maybe even some extra leg room) that makes women swoon? And does this phenomenon mean that more women will start embracing their own dad bods? Let’s take a look.
First off, let’s talk anatomy. Men tend to be bigger than women because males are typically larger overall. This is also due to genetic factors. That means that not only are dads naturally bigger, but they have a higher percentage of muscle mass compared to other adults.
This doesn’t necessarily mean that every man needs to go out and get a six-pack, but it does mean that most men can benefit from eating better and doing more exercise. If you want to build up your muscles while still maintaining a lean shape, try lifting weights instead of focusing on bulking up.
Meanwhile, while men may have a naturally larger frame, many women are born smaller. So, if you don’t have a small waistline and/or hips, that means you probably won’t look good in skinny jeans unless you’ve got great legs. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be slim and fit without toned thighs. In fact, you can. You just have to work harder and eat right.
There’s also the issue of genetics again. Some people have the genes for thin skin and hair and others don’t. It’s the same thing with being able to carry excess fat around our waists. Our bodies are designed differently. We all have different shapes and sizes. What works for one person might make someone else look disproportionate.
So, if you’re working toward getting into shape and looking healthy, remember that everyone’s body is going to react differently to certain types of food and workouts. Your body may need more calories to maintain its weight than another person’s body, meaning that you’ll burn less fat on a given day.
And then there’s the matter of aesthetics. Many women prefer tall, slender men with long torsos and narrow waists. They want clean lines and symmetry. A lot of men aren’t built exactly like this, but that doesn’t mean that those men can’t embrace their dad bod and live comfortably within their frames.
It’s important to note that these preferences are subjective. There isn’t really a specific reason why one woman likes a certain type of guy over another; it comes down to preference. If you enjoy having a nice, solid torso, keep your shirt sleeves short enough to showcase your arms. If you like having a wide back, wear vests. As far as aesthetic goes, remember that not everybody wants to look like models. Most of us are okay with making simple adjustments to help us feel healthier and more comfortable.
Some women simply like the idea of having a chiseled man around and would never consider dating a dude with a pot belly. Others appreciate having a little extra padding to protect them during rough times. Still others just think it looks fun. For whatever reason, there are plenty of women who enjoy the dad bod lifestyle.
Now, let’s address the question of whether more women will begin trying to achieve the dad bod ideal. While it’s impossible to predict the future, there are certainly signs that suggest it could happen. One example is the rise of influencer culture, which has helped give confidence boost to many young girls.
Another is the explosion of fitness apps, including popular ones like MyFitnessPal and Lose It!. These tools allow users to track the calories they consume daily and understand where their habits fall short. By using these resources, you can learn how to improve your diet and exercise routine and adopt new behaviors that lead to physical improvements.
You may also see more women wearing crop tops and low-rise pants to accentuate their figure and push up their bust line. These trends are definitely encouraging women to show off their chest area and play up their assets.
While it’s true that a lot of women are starting to appreciate their curves, it’s also worth noting that it takes time and effort to develop a sexy wardrobe and become confident in your appearance. Don’t forget that it can be hard to stay motivated to workout when you’re feeling self-conscious.
If you’re struggling with this, ask yourself why you’re trying to change yourself in the first place. Then, focus on building up your positive mindset and enjoying life. Once you reach your goals, you’ll be ready to add some curve-hugging outfits to your repertoire.

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