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Why Does Zoloft Make Me Tired

by Annabel Caldwell
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Why Does Zoloft Make Me Tired

Why Does Zoloft Make Me Tired

Zoloft is a medication that can cause some people to have trouble sleeping. For others, it’s difficult but not impossible to fall asleep due the side effects of this drug like drowsiness or insomnia which might be worse if you take your pill early in daylight hours when most humans are awake anyway!

Why Do Ssris Take So Long To Work

The accumulation of serotonin in nerve cells is associated with a decrease signal molecule production by lipid rafts.

Why Is Sertraline Making Me So Tired

If you are taking sertraline to treat depression, fatigue and tiredness can be compounded by the effects of this condition on your mood. It is very common for people who suffer from chronic illnesses like phase III obesity or cancer-free survival rates after treatment – which makes them feel less energetic than usual at first weeks into their medication routine according NAMI .

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