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Why Don T Women Like Me

by Lyndon Langley
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Why Don T Women Like Me

Why Don T Women Like Me

I was at the mall and I saw an attractive young lady wearing tight jeans, a tank top with some decorative beads around her neck (which were probably real) and black high heeled boots that came up to about mid-calf. She had long straight hair all down over her shoulders – not a bad look for her. As she walked closer to me she lifted her left foot up slightly so that one of her toes rested on the edge of the shoe as she walked by. It looked like she was dancing and I found myself thinking “wow”! Then she turned her head towards me and smiled a sweet smile.
As I got closer to her she extended her right arm out in front of her and placed her hand against the glass door frame of the store where we both stood. She then opened the door and stepped inside. I followed her into the store but stopped when I noticed she hadn’t closed the door behind her. I took this opportunity to say hello and ask her what she was doing there. She said hi back and after exchanging pleasantries, asked me why I didn’t close the door. I told her because I wanted to watch her walk through the door. She giggled and said “oh” and continued walking toward the back of the store.
When she returned from the back of the store I introduced myself again and mentioned how nice it is to meet her. Her response was “Hi”. We talked briefly about what we did that day and where we went next. At no point did our conversation become heated or argumentative; nor did it turn into a verbal confrontation. Although my intentions might have been misconstrued, they weren’t intended to be interpreted as such. There wasn’t any anger between us, just simple curiosity.
Afterwards, I thought about how great it would’ve felt if she’d responded with a big hug and maybe even planted a kiss on my cheek and said “you are a really cool guy!” But I realize now that she could assume many things from my actions without knowing who I actually am and what I’m capable of.
The question remains though; Why don’t women like me? This is something that’s bothered me for quite some time. If you take a quick survey of the female population, you’ll notice that most women aren’t naturally attracted to men like me. In fact, according to statistics, only 1% of the male population has the genetic makeup to attract women like me. So why do women like me less than other guys?
It’s pretty easy to figure out the answer to this question once you start looking at it logically. Here’s another way to put it. Let’s say you go to a club with a group of friends and there’s a girl standing alone at the bar drinking. You approach her and introduce yourself. After hearing your name, she says “hi” and smiles. What happens next will depend on whether or not you know her. If you know her, you probably give her a little wave and tell her you need to talk to her, but you won’t touch her. When she sees you approaching she may decide to stay behind the protective cover of the bar. On the other hand, if you don’t know her, and you see her standing alone at the bar drinking, chances are you’ll try to get her attention in hopes of getting a chance to talk to her later. The same goes for women. They can sense when a man is interested in them and will usually respond accordingly.
Now let’s say there’s a woman standing alone at a party having a drink. A handsome man approaches her and introduces himself. He asks her if she wants to dance and she says yes. Is it possible that her decision to accept his offer isn’t based upon attraction? Maybe she’s already spoken to someone else at the party and she knows the man is trying to steal her away or use her to fill an empty space at the party. Whatever the case may be, she decided to leave the party early to avoid being pressured into anything. Now, if you happen to be the man she chose to leave the party early to avoid, you can either choose to respect her decision and leave her alone, or you can continue pursuing her until she gives in. However, if you choose to follow her outside the party, she can easily make it clear that she’s not interested in you romantically.
So now you know why women like me. It’s because I treat them as human beings first and foremost. My intentions were never to pursue a romantic relationship with anyone. And although I might have made it appear otherwise, I wasn’t trying to pick up on signals indicating that she liked me. I was simply observing her movements and gestures so I could learn more about her personality. Once I learned about her, I was able to better interact with her and connect with her emotionally. This allowed us to build rapport and develop deeper friendships.
Now that you know why women like me, hopefully you’ll stop asking yourself that annoying question and start making new friends.

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