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Why Don’T Guys Make Noise In Bed

by Lyndon Langley
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Why Don'T Guys Make Noise In Bed

Why Don’T Guys Make Noise In Bed

A lot of guys find it slightly embarrassing to make sounds during sex. This could have to do with the fact that they were raised to be stoic, or maybe because they just don’t feel comfortable enough to let loose and go crazy. Whatever the reason may be, most guys aren’t very vocal during sex.
There’s a common misconception about why guys don’t make noise during sex. It has been said that men love silence because it allows them to focus on what they’re doing. The truth is actually quite different. A lot of guys find it slightly embarrassing to make noises during sex. This could have to do with the way they are conditioned since they’re kids. Boys are usually taught to curb their emotions much more than girls are – and therefore it is something that gets ingrained in their subconscious. They are expected to be silent and reserved when around others, but not so much when alone.
As for women, the opposite holds true. Women are encouraged to open up and share feelings and experiences with each other – and not necessarily only with their partners. Girls are also allowed to show emotion through dance, music, acting etc., whereas boys are discouraged from doing so as much as possible. So if boys are being told all day long by everyone else that they shouldn’t make any sound at all, then naturally this will get embedded into their psyche.
Another thing that can contribute to guys making no noise in bed is their own self-consciousness. After all, we’ve all felt embarrassed by our own noises before. There might even be times where you hear someone else making noises and think “Wow, I wish I had half of that energy.” If your goal is to please your partner, it makes sense to keep quiet until you both reach orgasm, rather than trying to fill the room with sound. When you are finally able to relax and enjoy yourself fully, there should be plenty of time and opportunity to release some energy.
In addition to these two factors, physical conditions can also play a role in guys not making noise in bed. For example, if you suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), it is unlikely that your penis would ever be capable of producing loud noises. You wouldn’t want to embarrass yourself further, right? But there are many people who are perfectly healthy sexually yet still uncomfortable talking dirty.
It’s important to remember that making noise in bed doesn’t always mean yelling out obscenities like an animal. We tend to associate screaming with porn movies and over-the-top sexual situations, which isn’t exactly how most couples have sex. However, moaning does fall under this category. You don’t need to shout or scream to communicate pleasure; you simply need to moan loudly.
You can use words such as “Oh” or “Ahh” to indicate pleasure, while “Yes!” or “Harder!” can help draw attention to certain areas of stimulation. These are basic techniques that anyone can learn without having to worry about embarrassment or performance anxiety. Keep practicing them until you find what works best for you!
So now that you know why guys don’t make noise in bed, here are a few tips on learning how to talk dirty. Remember that what feels good and sexy to one person might not work for another. What works for me may not for you. That’s normal. Use your intuition and listen to your body. Find something that turns you both on, and see how it goes from there.
Here are a couple of things to try:
Try saying “I’m going to come” after you ejaculate. Or say “That feels really good” once your orgasms over.
If you are worried about coming too early, tell her to stop touching you, and ask her to continue. Tell her that she needs to wait until you’re ready to receive more.
Tell her that you want her to give you a hand job. Ask her to massage your penis gently, and tell her to move down slowly.
Ask her to suck on your balls. Tell her to pull them towards herself while massaging you with her hands.
Use dirty talk to describe how you’d like to touch her. Describe how sensitive particular parts of her body feel. Say things like “This part feels nice,” or “My cock likes those fingers”.
Don’t forget that communication takes two. Sometimes, you’ll notice that your woman says nothing back, yet you are getting aroused. Try asking her questions instead. You don’t have to turn the conversation into a lecture – simple statements like “are you enjoying this?” or “do you like my hard-on?” are appropriate.
One last thought…it’s important to note that guys making noise in bed is different from guys shouting obscenities at their partners. Some women actually prefer a guy who talks dirty to them, but that’s because they respond better to the language used. Just remember that whatever you decide to do, you can probably improve upon it. Practice makes perfect, right?

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